[linux-elitists] Closed Source Tests damage careers, schoolchildren

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue May 22 12:13:31 PDT 2001

> Don, 
> I agree with you in part. I learned much faster out of school than in
> school. [description snipped]
> distractions as we now provide in our culture, I think that if we
> removed compulsory education a very substantial portion of the
> population would languish in ignorance, watching Jerry Springer and
> the like.
> As radical as it sounds, sometimes I believe that in this world there
> are two kinds of people slaves and there are freemen. 
  [description snipped]

And there are people who don't fit pigeonholes very well, who sometimes
wnat others to do it, and sometimes want information before doing things
themselves.  I think you're suffering from Lists-of-Two syndromw. Ex:

"Would you rather be a chief or an indian?"
	hmmm, even the chieftess is an indian, but I'm better at
	being a mystic than a hunter... a hunter than a warrior... 
	as for agriculture I'm a real green thumb if the plants need 
	no attention ;P  Is that medicine man position still open?

> I think that we should have a social policy that allows people to self
> select whether they want to be a slave or a freeman. For example, the
> ancient middle easter cultures had a simple system. If you were born
> free, you had the opportunity to manage some land. If you failed
> miserably you could sell yourself into slavery and someone would take
> care of you but tell you what to do. If you were a slave and you were
> really good at taking care of you and your master's affairs you could
> buy your freedom and work your own land. Then allow the people who
> have inclinations toward being freemen persue their own dreams but
> then allow the people who are inherantly slaves to be hired by the
> freemen to help them persue their ambitions.

The principle -may- have something to it but the problem is the power base,
which would set the prices.  Also if you were born to sufficient slavery that
you were unaware of the ability to buy yourself out, you're screwed.

We are in the process of distributing the power base to a worldwide educated
economy of direct merit for skill and eager effort, and the present power base 
of concentrated wealth and kiss-up doesn't like some of the moss showing on
the iceberg tip.  Oh well.  They can sail in the seas they've got, or they
can be the Titanic.

On the other fin - we're penguins.  Not all of us will swim well in warmer 
waters, either.  C'est la mer...

* Heather * He's like a function -- he returns a value, in the form of his 
            opinion.  It's up to you to cast it into a void or not.
		-- Phil Lapsley

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