[linux-elitists] Closed Source Tests damage careers, schoolchildren

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue May 22 09:26:14 PDT 2001


I agree with you in part. I learned much faster out of school than in
school. (e.g. My family would go on vacation in the fall and I would
miss about 2 weeks of school while away. I usually ignored my homework
for that whole two weeks and then caught up to the rest of the class
WRT homework and comprehension of material by spending two days of
really hard work covering the all the material that the class spent
two weeks learning.) Schooling and all the time that I had to spend
jumping through hoops there really slowed me down. However, I was a
highly motivated learner. With as much education and the many
distractions as we now provide in our culture, I think that if we
removed compulsory education a very substantial portion of the
population would languish in ignorance, watching Jerry Springer and
the like.

As radical as it sounds, sometimes I believe that in this world there
are two kinds of people slaves and there are freemen. Slaves are the
people that need to be told what to do or else they don't
survive. Freemen can't survive being told what to do. I would agree
that you are right the system takes many of the borderline cases and
flips them into the slave catagory rather than uplifting them into the
freman catagory.

I think that we should have a social policy that allows people to self
select whether they want to be a slave or a freeman. For example, the
ancient middle easter cultures had a simple system. If you were born
free, you had the opportunity to manage some land. If you failed
miserably you could sell yourself into slavery and someone would take
care of you but tell you what to do. If you were a slave and you were
really good at taking care of you and your master's affairs you could
buy your freedom and work your own land. Then allow the people who
have inclinations toward being freemen persue their own dreams but
then allow the people who are inherantly slaves to be hired by the
freemen to help them persue their ambitions.

Anyway that is my "elitist" philosphy for the day. Feel free to flame
me. I'll probably ignore it. ;-) This isn't an opinion that I'm
heavily invested in and I'm not going to expend much effort defending


> begin Bulent Murtezaoglu quotation of Mon, May 21, 2001 at 05:44:01PM -0400:
> > I do not like the way this is presented.  Inept school administration
> > and a clearly dishonest vendor might be a dangerous combination, but
> > the same could have happened with the same inept administrators and 
> > a dishonest consulting house deploying open-source solutions. 
> The problem is the whole "formal education" thing.  Get the hackers out
> of school, and vice versa.
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> And please read "The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher" 
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>   "School" is an essential support system for a vision of social
>   engineering that condemns most people to be subordinate stones in a
>   pyramid that narrows to a control point as it ascends. "School" is an
>   artifice which makes such a pyramidal social order seem inevitable
>   (although such a premise is a fundamental betrayal of the American
>   Revolution). In colonial days and through the period of the early
>   Republic we had no schools to speak of. And yet the promise of democracy
>   was beginning to be realized. We turned our backs on this promise by
>   bringing to life the ancient dream of Egypt: compulsory training in
>   subordination for everybody. Compulsory schooling was the secret Plato
>   reluctantly transmitted in the Republic when he laid down the plans for
>   total state control of human life.
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