[linux-elitists] A modest proposal to web designers of the world (was Re: Site feedback: fonts too small)

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu May 17 10:53:07 PDT 2001

> This is always good stuff, but there's a point of diminishing returns
> when it comes to placating the "our image must be perfect" executives
> and the "we must be able to use any browser" users.
Point to be made: your image isn't perfect (or it's perfectly inane) if
you piss of your recipients.

website = pamphlet;  // trifold with graphs and photos of course!

If (pamphlet.purpose == get.customers.to.read.it.and.buy.your.stuff) {
	readability would actually be a good idea, and therefore
	should have been more important than precision fonting.
elsif (pamphlet.purpose == impress.some.stockholders) {
	those charts and photos are really important, do you suppose
	you could use a format that costs less bits and/or actually
	has a clearer image for the same bits, so I *see* them faster?

	p.s. burn your GIFs.  Stockholders don't want to pay UNISYS
	instead of buy cool webvertizing.
	p.p.s. isn't Your Product more important than these banner ad
	partners' products?
else {
	did this site really have any purpose at all?  I couldn't tell.

Y'all can quote me on that ;)

> As far as I can tell, the Economist seems to be striking that balance
> quite well....
> Was that not an elitist enough reply? ;-)

It's good to know that some of the recognized Press are with us.  Oh yeah,
I'm running off on a tangent, but think you guys will find this funny.  When
I went to the RSA showfloor, I was briefly delayed because the drones at the
badge counter wouldn't accept my press credentials.  The drone at the Freebie
Badge To The Showfloor line gave no complaint to me listing myself as Technical
Editor, Linux Gazette.  But on the floor several of the boothies recognized 
the Gazette itself without prompting, though Jim and I weren't making any 
special effort to keep our badges visible.

* Heather * Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if 
            no birds sang there except those that sang best.  -- Henry Van Dyke

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