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Subject: a talk by Ed Felten at Stanford

Would you please post this to your list.



Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI
Challenge and itsAftermath

Prof. Edward Felten, Dept of Computer Science
Princeton University

Date Thursday, May 17
Time: 2:15 - 4:00
Location: Math 380-380
Stanford Univ.

The music industry has proposed a range of "security
technologies" designed to prevent the unauthorized
copying of recorded music.  Recently a group of researchers,
including the speaker Prof. Edward Felten, was forced to
withdraw from publication a paper analyzing several of these
technologies, due to threats of litigation by the music industry.
This talk will discuss what happened:
   - the status of anti-copying technology,
   - how the music industry is trying to prevent copying
   - an overview of the technical analysis
   - how and why the authors were threatened,
   - and the effect of the Digital Millennium Copyright
     Act on computer security researchers.

You can locate the building by going to
and clicking on Bldg 380 Mathematics in the list of
Academic and Administrative Buildings.  Parking info
can be found at http://www-facilities.stanford.edu/maps/download/.
Please allow extra time for parking. 

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