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Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Mon May 14 06:50:18 PDT 2001

Microsoft gives me good marketing material here for my advertizing.  

Here's the trouble.  Your right, few outside the tech business YET cares
about the fair use issues because we in the tech businesses are nothing
more than a bunch of radicals...

HUH - you might drop your jaw and say...are you trying to say, we are

Well. No - I'm saying that the difference between radicals and mainstream
groups is that Radicals are Reactuionany by nature.  They see something,
they react and Protest!!  The whole open source movement is a radical
reactinary movement!

We need to move mainstream.  We have to stop howling at the dogs of
Microsoft, and reacting to the RIAA - and we need to take carefully planned

For example, we need to lobby Congress to pass a Fair Use Act, so that were
not waiting for the Supreme COurt to Strike down the DMCA, but instead have
Congress pass a statute which undermines any clauses in the DMCA which
undermine Fair Use, and we also clearly define Fair Use to it's original
meaning before MPAA word games altered it's meaning to the public.



Brooklyn Linux Solutions


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