[linux-elitists] Perens paper on Free Software

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu May 10 10:16:18 PDT 2001

> It's not like the authors/inventors have any such constitutional exclussive
> right themselves.  It's completely at the whim of congress and it's never
> exclussive in the strict meaning of the word.
> If corperations are not getting the exclussive copyright of works done by
> workers on salary, what is the corperation recieving for it's income. 
> Perhaps they are recieving only a single copy usage?
> Ruben

What a corporation gets is The Veil - that if the Entity gets its pants sued
off, the board members get to keep their shorts.

All other "rights" of a corporate entity have been tacked on by case law over
time.  This basic function implements the Queen's Charter granted to such
trade lobbies of our Forefathers' time, such as that tea company they were 
having tax(tarriff?) disputes out with.

The problem, of course, is they brought plenty of lawyers with them to ensure
their power base :(

> <<<Has anyone ever questioned the Constitutionality of forcing
> 	Authors and Inventors 
> declare their works as belonging to some corporate entity instead
> of themselves, thus erasing their 
> 	exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries >>

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