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The Fair Use Manifesto

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 by MrBrklyn on Thursday May 10, @08:51AM EST
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 The Judge asked for examples of violation of Fair Use and the Panel could
not come up with an answer to satisfy the Judge. 

 If the Judge can't protect the property rights of of ordinary citizens,
then a fundemental education on Fair USe needs to be
 undertaken by the Computer Community. I MUST be able to play a DVD on a
common kitchen blender if I want to, and be able to
 publish the information permitting me to do so. Anything less is a breach
of my basic constitutional rights. 

 Linux would not be able to be leagal created today because of the
obstruction of Fair Use and Spyware. 

 They bneed to look no further than Students being FORCED to buy all their
books on DVD at NYU to see the obvious far use

 The arguement is very simple and the EFF et al have screwed it up. 

 Copyright is a balance between users property rights and freedom of speech
rights, and the limited franchise given by the
 government to individual creaters. No License can leagally further
restrict the owner of a media without violating our civil rights.
 You can no more agree to such a license then sell yourself into slavery.
It just can't be done. The DMCA is uncontitutional because it
 prevents access of the owner to the information contained on HIS/HER
Media. They Own the media and have a constitutional right
 to sue it in any way they see fit, short of an actually copyright

 Congress can not pass a law limited these basic rights any more than it
can pass a law to prevent the free press. The secure use of our
 property within our homes, and the freedom to speak about reverse
engineering is our inalianable rights. 

 END of Discussion. 

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