[linux-elitists] Ten Reasons- final draft

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed May 9 16:55:49 PDT 2001

> >>>>> "SDS" == Seth David Schoen <schoen@loyalty.org> writes:
>     >> Actually, given that "Linus" is a Greek name ("flaxen haired"),
>     >> "Linii" might be a better plural....No, that's Latin....
>     SDS> The Greek plural of "Linos" should be "Linoi".
> Wouldn't the plural of "Linus" ("lee-nees") be "Lines"? And the plural
> of "Linous" be "Linouses"?
> ~Mr. Bad

Folks, the plural of Linus is "his beautiful children".

Restructure the sentence.  "...future [cool-sounding-adjective]s such as

* Heather * "One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".

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