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Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Wed May 9 15:51:21 PDT 2001

> begin  Mr. Bad quotation of Sun, May 06, 2001 at 11:13:19PM -0700:
> > The question before the jury: PLUS ADDRESSES: are they elite, or not?

See a recent LinuxGazette article, I believe they're not univerally 
honored by the software.  Postfix and sendmail do honor them.

Some would say this makes them 'leet by definition.

> Depends what you use them for. username+listname at first glance looks
> pretty lame since it conveys no information that isn't already in the
> headers. OTOH it is less likely to break than a header-based recipe when
> a list moves from one sending domain or mailing list manager to another,
> so if you're on so many mailing lists that they're always changing out
> from under you, and want to put each one in its own box, it could be a
> good solution.

If a list moves software, I want to know if other things about it have
changed too (since I may want to bail).  So breakage in such cases is a 
Feature(tm) for me. 

Hanging out on lists you don't really read is also kinda lame;  aren't 
there better things to do with your life than play junior-web-archivist?
> But subscribing without the +suffix then posting from there to a
> subscriber-post-only list is lame.
Presumably you are a Trusted User on your own laptop and can fix this
silly sort of thing easily.

Mind you many subscriber-post-onlies are too dumb to deal with subhosts,

> username+datecode with old datecodes discarded is highly lame; a
> hiding-from-spammers trick that makes your address useless to people who
> find your address in archives.
> username+thinkcash to buy a higher position in a mail scoring system,
> now that's elite.

If I ever see a slice of mail incoming to star+ns I *know* it's spam -
since I don't use netscrape as a mailer! 

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