[linux-elitists] Browser lovefest: Galeon rocks!

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue May 8 10:02:35 PDT 2001

on Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 11:20:37PM -0700, Rick Moen (rick@linuxmafia.com) wrote:
> begin Aaron Lehmann quotation:
> > Yeah yeah yeah I know netscape is bad but mozilla still blows.
> To repeat:  I'm giving Konqueror 2.1.1 a try, and it seems likely to be
> (at long last) a good enough replacement for Navigator/Communicator,
> and then some.  I'm a bit burned out on Mozilla, myself, but this one
> just might be a keeper.

I've just tried the latest Galeon.  I'm liking it a lot.

Had to force a few dependencies installing under Debian/Woody (testing),
and I've mildly fuxnored apt-get in the process, I'm going to have to
straighten that out....

I've crashed it a few times, but always while changing settings.  Sites
have come up w/o problems.

The UI is *nice*.  I happen to like the GTK widget set -- minimalist but
attractive, and useful.  User-friendly features (cookie, java,
javascript, images, fonts, page zoom) are at your fingertips, unlike
most other browsers (though Mozilla is also improving in this regard).
Crash recovery tends to make the times the browser does die more
acceptable.  Particularly nice features:  full screen mode and tabbed
windows -- I find both particularly useful on a laptop's restricted
viewing area.

There are some bugs, but it sucks far less than any other GUI browser
I've used.

Yes, I did take Konqueror out for a spin yesterday as well.  I was
particulalry underwhelmed by its font specification abilities.  I'm
apparently unable to override site font preferences, and the font
selection widget/dialog itself is far inferior to the GNOME/Galeon one.

Galeon's deps:  six GNOME libs, and all of Mozilla (probably the worst
single indictment).  I'm running it under WindowMaker, GNOME
functionality is *not* required.   Ultimately the Mozilla requirement
will be abstracted out to just the necessary elements.  Note that you're
not *running* all of Mozilla.

Skipstone also bears looking into, and I like its even *more* minimalist
philososphy, but I've got to straighten out the apt deps mess first


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