[linux-elitists] Konqueror (was: Microsoft prizes for rat finks)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue May 8 09:27:09 PDT 2001

begin  Aaron T Porter quotation:

[Mozilla 0.9:]

> 	Untar to segfault in 7 seconds flat.
> 	Of course that was caused by what turned out to be a known bug.
> 	The speed is noticably better than in 0.8 in my opinion, and it
> 	handles all but the sites I *need* access too quite well.

I'll be interested in how stable 0.9 is with the bug-fix.

By way of perspective, the Konqueror 2.1.1 provided in current
Debian-woody has yet to blow up on anything, including the most horrific
Front Page 4.0 sites I've found to throw at it.  Rendering is a bit
fallible, but OK.  Speed: passable.  Keybindings are sometimes a bit
jarring, but likewise OK.

RAM usage?  <grumble>  Look at all those damned kdeinit processes....
Plus one kfmexec, and "kdesud".  Total RSS = about 65 MB.  About 80MB
with four windows open.

Cheers,     Microsoft Corporation Gandhi-o-meter, revision 2001-05-03 beta01.
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