[linux-elitists] Konqueror (was: Microsoft prizes for rat finks)

Jeff Waugh jdub@aphid.net
Tue May 8 09:22:15 PDT 2001

<quote who="Aaron T Porter">

> 	Untar to segfault in 7 seconds flat.

Good going. It's getting faster! :)

> 	Of course that was caused by what turned out to be a known bug.
> 	The speed is noticably better than in 0.8 in my opinion, and it
> 	handles all but the sites I *need* access too quite well.

I think the secret to Mozilla is to grab one of the earliest available
nightlies *after* a milestone release. I've got the May 6 release, and it's
great; zippy, slightly crashy, but otherwise good.

The new softer, curvier theme is very nice too.

- Jeff

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