[linux-elitists] Fwd: FC: Conservative groups celebrate "Victims of Pornography" month

Wil Cooley wcooley@nakedape.cc
Sat May 5 13:57:45 PDT 2001

Thus spake Aaron Lehmann:
> http://www.victimsofpornography.org
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> That site is HILLARIOUS! The first thing you notice is the little
> animated GIF at the bottom of the page.  Uhm, hrm. If you actually
> follow the links you may stumble accross propaganda that "Porn is

Hm, it's pretty tiny on my screen.  It looks like a guy wacking (really
fast) in front of a computer.  Is that it?

> toxic!" and "Porn destroys neighborhoods" (I'm not making this up), as
> well as so-called URLs such as:

Yes, the argument about property values is particularly hilarious.
"Neighbors that have increased crime and decreased property values because
of the proliferation of pornography in their communities."  Yes, I like
to go out and smash my neighbors windows after a good spank session.
Ooooh yeah.

> HTTP://www.democrats.org.80/bottomline/challenge/state of union. 
> (I can name 5 things wrong with that, as it's writen on
> http://www.victimsofpornography.org/Facts___Figures/facts___figures.htm.
> Can you collect them all?)
> Sites like this remind me why I don't need to be reminded to detest
> Republicans.
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> Subject: FC: Conservative groups celebrate "Victims of Pornography" month
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> http://www.wired.com/news/privacy/0,1848,43519,00.html
>    May Days Should Be Porn-Free
>    By Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)
>    2:00 a.m. May 4, 2001 PDT
>    WASHINGTON -- If you're a dot-com sex star, if you lurk on
>    alt.sex.stories, or if your home page happens to be thehun.net, then
>    you may be a "victim" of pornography.

Wow, thehun.net seems like a cool site.  Thanks Republicans for the
referral!  If I were a dot-com sex star, I would certainly not think of
myself as a victim of anything, aside from the fact that I might have
gotten myself into some nasty VDs.

>    No, don't laugh. An entirely serious coalition of antiporn groups is
>    celebrating "Victims of Pornography" month in May, and they're hoping
>    their efforts will climax with more prosecutions of smut sellers.

Well now that I've been laid off from WireX I'll have to celebrate
the month similar to the way my friend and I celebrated Vera Katz',
the mayor of Portland, "meat-free day"--with a nice juicy rare steak.

>    It may seem unseemly to toast a month that's by design a dour affair,
>    but now that a Republican lives in the White House, conservatives are
>    mounting an unadulterated campaign to save the sexploited.
>    On the victimsofpornography.org site, visitors are urged to become
>    active against ostensibly unwholesome erotica by meeting with
>    religious leaders, planning a motorcade with white ribbons and writing
>    letters to local newspapers.

Sounds like a good time for flashing!  I hope to see some nice pics on
ilovebacon.com/flashing RSN.

>    The festivities began Wednesday on Capitol Hill with an event attended
>    by Reps. Steve Largent (R-Oklahoma) and Jim Ryun (R-Kansas), along
>    with groups and individuals who offered testimonials to the perils of
>    prurience.

Aren't these the same people that decided that since evolution was only a
"theory" (like gravity) that it was unnecessary to teach it in school?
Hmm...  Yup, Americans really are stupid.  Anyone know of a nice European
country where citizenship is easier to get than Switzerland or Germany?

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