Aharonian is an ass, AOL == retards, and crond must die (was Re: [linux-elitists] [ruben@mrbrklyn.com: Microsoft proposing Free Software ban])

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat May 5 00:45:30 PDT 2001

begin  Greg KH quotation:

> I like Greg's commentary usually, but I think he's a bit off here.
> IBM wants to sell hardware and services.  Opensource helps them do
> this cheaper.  Like it or not they are sinking a lot of money into
> Linux and are hiring up a lot of kernel people (I think the entire
> Australia LinuxCare office is now working for them) so they are a
> force to be reckoned with.

I believe Tridgell and at least one other fellow went to VA Linux,
instead.  (I run a private mailing list for current and former Linuxcare

> greg k-h
> (about to be assimilated myself)

If you're referring to the welcoming Big Blue peace-love-Linux embrace,
beware of really nasty proprietary-inventions agreements, with nasty,
sharp teeth.  (Your mileage may differ, and I do hope it does.)

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