[linux-elitists] speaking of hunting/defeating spammers...

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed May 2 12:29:25 PDT 2001

begin  Ryan Waldron quotation of Wed, May 02, 2001 at 02:58:19PM -0500:

> BTW, if I should shut up now because this is too off-topic for the
> list, just somebody smack me, and I'll go back to lurking.

It's not really off-topic -- spam is mail that you filter out, and
filtering mail is an example of elitism.

Anyone seen the lists of spam complainers that come with spam CDs? Last
one I saw (I forget where it came from) didn't have any of my addresses
on it.

If spammers were better about filtering out known complainers, an
individual spammer could probably keep each throwaway account longer,
since more of his or her spam would go to real prospects (if any),
effective filterers who never see it, and "just-hit-delete"ers. But, if
complainers started to get less spam, it would create an incentive to
complain, which would hurt spammers as a group in the long run.

So it's possible that spammers are sending out much (most?) of their
spam without seriously expecting that they will get you to buy, but with
the intent of letting you know whether or not you complain you're still
going to get this so you have no incentive to complain.

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