[linux-elitists] speaking of hunting/defeating spammers...

Joseph S. Barrera III joe@barrera.org
Wed May 2 01:30:21 PDT 2001

Also sprach Karsten M. Self:
> I believe this is an echo of Aaron Lehmann's response above.
> Essentially, you're telling the spammers "you're so successful that I'm
> going to change my behavior in strange, unusual, and inconvenient ways".

"I see the truth in it."

However, one could argue (but I won't, not here and now) that the same
argument could be used against locks in your house and car. Are you
going to let theives inconvenience you by forcing you to carry keys?

> Invest in an effective set of spam filtering tools instead.  I have a
> very public, six year old, widely distributed, email address.  I
> received an average of 3.8 spams a day for the past month (I archive
> them all).  Most wind up in my Spam-Filter folder.  A very few end up in
> a "greylist" folder for unknown mail sources but not too likely to be
> spam.  
> I use a set of automated tools to report the mail to ISPs, and the IPs
> to the ORBS open relay list.  Takes a few seconds per item, but I can
> deal with the whole lot of them at once.

Sounds very cool. Are there FAQs or cookbooks on doing this?
Do you have your setup described or on view somewhere?

> Complex systems of address obscuring, switching, rotating, one-time use,
> or one-recipient use, are IMO sorely misguided.

I buy this line of reasoning... for my own address. However, there are
people out there who are (1) worth having as part of a list and the
discussions on same; (2) don't have the time/energy/means/knowlege to
set up effective spam filtering; (3) won't post to an archived list
because they don't want their address harvested.

Now I can live with losing such people from list discussions, but it
would be nice if I didn't have to.

- Joe
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