[linux-elitists] What is the Elite MTA?

Edward C. Lang edlang@pcug.org.au
Sat Mar 31 19:28:34 PST 2001

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 07:37:42PM -0500, Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:
> The pararells because DJB advocates and cult behavior really deserves 
> acute study.  Cults put forth a doctrin which can not be changed and
> is considered superior to any other doctrine.  It's minions 
> decend on unsuspecting targets baraging them with "fact" and 
> beligerantly insisting on presenting all their facts in detail.
> Free Software is just the opossite, and this is why it succeeds.
> Free Software is patient.  No one has to beat anyone else over the
> head with technical details because - it's open license forces
> compermise between different opinions and fosters co-operation.

How is "Free Software" not a cult, with doctrines, bias, ignorance, and
minions? Perhaps you would understand my question better if you considered
"Free Software" to be a meta-cult.

What you yourself are doing is merely putting rehashing arguements put forward
by others.

It's fairly obvious that DJB's licences are fairly odd (using the DFSG as a
basis), but they suit his purposes. His fervent followers are merely people
who really like the programs and their features, and have decided to adhere to
his licences. It doesn't make them far out wacky cultists.

If it does, then we're all far out wacky cultists of one sort or another.
> The technology is completely unimportant if it's licensing
> is designed to enslave the user.

Throw away that computer. Become illiterate. Burn all your electrical wiring.
Slaves? What slaves?


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