[linux-elitists] What is the Elite MTA?

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben@www2.mrbrklyn.com
Sat Mar 31 16:37:42 PST 2001

> DJB prevents you from changing and distributing compiled packages AFAIK, so
> that's only for small values of "you can change it"

So a slew of DBJ people have begun to acend the list.

The pararells because DJB advocates and cult behavior really deserves 
acute study.  Cults put forth a doctrin which can not be changed and
is considered superior to any other doctrine.  It's minions 
decend on unsuspecting targets baraging them with "fact" and 
beligerantly insisting on presenting all their facts in detail.

Free Software is just the opossite, and this is why it succeeds.
Free Software is patient.  No one has to beat anyone else over the
head with technical details because - it's open license forces
compermise between different opinions and fosters co-operation.

If you don't like something about, say the way qmail brokenly 
handles DNS entries in the mx records...we can just ALTER IT
and distribute it.  If enough people think it important,
they just will fork it if the original creater is arrogant,
abusive and controlling.

Dan's licensing and even his coding (without the use of
Standad libraries) is in every way designed to make others
dependent of him and to pay homage to him.  There is never
any ecuse to use his software.  There is always an acceptable
open sourced alternative (or two).

The technology is completely unimportant if it's licensing
is designed to enslave the user.


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