[linux-elitists] What is the Elite MTA?

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Mar 30 17:25:50 PST 2001

> On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 01:35:49PM -0800, Heather spewed forth:
>>> I am figting to get postfix working on my Debian Potato box ...
> > 
> > Works for us here at Starshine...
> the potato version works fine for me on a number[1] of machines.  however,
> several of these machines are actually running testing, and the testing
> postfix package is uninstallable due to an unmet libldap dependancy.
> unstable's postfix package, last i checked, had the same problem.  i
> last checked testing this last night and unstable last week.

Ah.  Our one box using it, is on Potato, also pointed at security.debian.org
and the proposed-updates link for stable, but none of that testing stuff.

And, um, we don't use LDAP, so if I found that in it, I'd surely find out
where to hack it off.  I already know how to defeat dependencies in the 
control files.  The delay would be in finding out why it thinks it wants 

May I suggest fetching the sources from the stable tree, then recomposing
those into a deb on your otherwise unstable box, so it matches glibc 2.2.2 
but builds without ldap linkages?

The config file problems he encounters?  There, I dunno.  Maybe Jim will
pipe up and mention if he had any problems with it.

> no, none of the debian/testing machines are production servers.  ;)

Ours is.  It's also an older box.[3]  No funny business on this beastie.  
I even have an outside site that will notice in short order if it disappears,
not from dependency, but just checking.

That it works for me may also be a side effect of the fact there's not
a lot much else installed on that system.  A mailer and ssh of course.

> PeeWee
> [1]  about 8 machines total, 2 of them at home.  1 production server
> with load - my company's imp machine - and the rest just for the
> occasional email out of cron.  our main mail routers and backend imap
> server run postfix, but on solaris[2].
> [2] deal with it.  ;)

Sparcs run Solaris just fine.  I like tcsh okay.  I just happen to like
certain commline completion behaviors better.

[3] Our eldest, in fact.  The household 386 has outlasted a couple of 
crappy 486' and at least one lame Pentium.  It's got a few new parts here
and there of course.

* Heather * An algorithm must be seen to be believed.  -- D.E. Knuth

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