[linux-elitists] What is the Elite MTA?

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Fri Mar 30 09:23:55 PST 2001

    JMcL> [...] Indeed. According to Ruben and some others, qmail fails to
    JMcL> fall back to a lower preference MX if the first MX isn't
    JMcL> available, and actually responds with "not available" or
    JMcL> somesuch when queried. [...]

I've seen it bounce mail when it can get the lower MX's domain name but
cannot resolve the IP addresses.  So even though it knows there's
at leat one [more] MX to try and thus enough info to deduce that mail
should be queued/relayed, it still bounces it claiming that the machine
it's running on is the final destination.  When I looked at the
source I realized that the list of MX's are kept as IP addresses so
if it can't resolve the MX at the first attempt it acts as though 
it does not exist.  Had it all written up and submitted as a bug at 
some point.

It was interesting to me that the qmail advocates I ran into locally
(Rochester, NY) seemed to like it very much but would reply in FUD
when asked why.  I also thought Bernstein's pages about qmail and his
other programs were excellent but probably incomprehesible at most
qmail-pushing admins level of knowledge.  (But I am biased by a small





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