[linux-elitists] What is the Elite MTA?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Mar 30 08:50:33 PST 2001

begin  mike@jurney.org quotation:

First of all, just because providing this link has now become
traditional in such discussions:  http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/#djb

> He's correct that it's not Free, in fact it's not licensed at all.

Correction:  A licence for particular, pristine-the-way-Dan-wants-them
archives of qmail, with specified MD5 checksums, can be found at
http://cr.yp.to/qmail/dist.html .  This licence is not (when last I
checked) included with the qmail tarballs, and is only available on that
Web page and exact mirrors (about which, see below).

You're not allowed to include the licence HTML text with the
redistributable archives (because that would change the MD5 checksum).
You're allowed to mirror the Web page, but only until Dan takes it down
or modifies it, in which case you must follow suit

Dan has clarified on the djbdns mailing list that the reason he puts the
licences for qmail and djbdns on his Web site, forbids mirroring old
versions, and forbids inclusion of the licence in his archives is so
that he can _change_ the licence at his whim, without having to issue
new versions.  So, the best you can do in documenting your licence
status for copies of qmail (and djbdns) is to keep _private_ copies of 
Dan's page the way it was when you got the software -- but you may not
redistribute those licence copies if Dan changes the licence terms shown
on his page (or removes the page).

> It's also a very, very good MTA.

Which is such a real bastard to configure properly for Linux, and so
downright peculiar in many aspects of its operation, that you're
way, way, way better off using Postfix, instead, and gain all the
advantages with none of the DJB-induced bullshit.

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