[linux-elitists] Zelerate folds

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Fri Mar 30 05:32:30 PST 2001

Deirdre Saoirse wrote:
> On 29 Mar 2001, Paul J Collins wrote:
> > The only reaction your yet another of your companies getting eaten
> > alive by the ghouls on Wall Street is to feast on a big bowl of tulip
> > bulbs.
> >
> > I can almost *feel* the death-cramps.
> It's not the vultures on wall street that's the problem.
> Most of the people who invested in the dot com boom were:
> a) inexperienced investors
> b) who traded online
> c) who invested in dot coms primarily because they liked the company's web
> site.
> Now if that isn't lame, what is?


[Everyone laughs heartily]

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