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Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Mar 29 09:56:48 PST 2001

begin  Deirdre Saoirse quotation of Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 01:03:43AM -0800:

> I advised "Clorox and Caterpillar" last year about January to people who
> were listening. After all, the demand for bleach IS pretty inelastic and
> we all know that backhoes are THE anti-technology stock.

I don't usually _buy_ white T-shirts but got a bunch for free because of
the whole dot-com branding thing. Less money for dot-coms means I can
stop using bleach.

Richard Vernon from LJ is on his way back from CeBIT. He claims to have
seen Galleo's wireless "mobile multimedia communicator"... a 320 x 240
color screen with touch interface, a deluxe web browser with SSL and
Java, a cell phone, digital camera, MP3 player and PDA functionality
in one cool-looking five-inch (134mm x 93mm x 17.5mm to be exact) blue
case. StrongARM CPU, runs Linux.


Went to a planning meeting for Webzine 2001 last night. The 1998 event
was major fun, missed last year, and this time I'm volunteering. Anybody
know a person who's (1) an expert on web access for the disabled (2)
local to San Francisco (3) a good speaker and (4) will speak for
nothing? I want to get such a person on the bill to counteract the
alarming tendency of independent freaks to use inaccessible technology
while The Man makes everything lowest-common-denominator. Disabled
people need freak speech too. Webzine site (not much there yet)

Any time I read anything by a security expert, it seems like there's
always some good advice and some "WTF? Is he on crack?" And that's
the case with Bob Toxen's fun "Real-World Linux Security". in Chapter
13 Toxen dismisses the entire Network Time Protocol with "Some people
prefer NTP, but it uses only UDP, which is too insecure." Instead of
NTP, he recommends using the older netdate or rdate programs from cron,
and manually calculating the clock drift if a system gets cracked.

Is NTP that bad? I mean, you can do authentication among your own
timeservers and with a cooperative ISP and other businesses, use
multiple trustworthy public time servers, and even if somebody can spoof
NTP traffic to your site, they can only make your clock creep slowly.

I like NTP (mail me if you want to set up a peering relationship at
stratum 3) and don't care to see it disrespected so. Unless he's

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