[linux-elitists] Open-sourcing a book

Derek Vadala derek@cynicism.com
Tue Mar 27 13:15:22 PST 2001

On 27 Mar 2001, Mr.Bad wrote:

> >>>>> "DV" == Derek Vadala <derek@cynicism.com> writes:
>     DV> Funny that fair use often leads to what you describe
>     DV> above. Not that I'm advocating its elimintation [sic], just
>     DV> those who intentionally misappropriate it [because I am a big
>     DV> control-freak dickhead].
> ELIMINATING fair use because of MISQUOTES and QUOTES out of
> CONTEXT? What kind of goose-stepping Nazi bastardo are you, man?

ill cut you

Derek Vadala, derek@cynicism.com, http://www.cynicism.com/~derek

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