[linux-elitists] Any Gargoyle's out there?

dwarren@thebigwave.net dwarren@thebigwave.net
Fri Mar 23 16:23:50 PST 2001

Ok this is an odd request...

Only sending it here 'cuz i never bothered to re-assert a BOFH news feed :)

I think I'm seeing some odd hanky-panky with DNS entries, and I need to find
a resource that shows two things:

1) The listed DNS servers and technical contacts for all domains registered.
2) Such a resource in CVS or another content system to detect when this has

I'm doing a little forensic research and need this infomation going back 6-9
months to see if some domains have been altered and bonus would be who altered
them (Through technical contacts.)

I remember back prior to 95 or so you could just ftp a file from 
rs.internic.net that gave NS records for all domains, and when they cut it off
NSI announced that if you could show cause you could still access it.

What I'm hoping to find is someone who has access and has been storing
incrimental changes to the database overtime.  Any ideas?

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