[linux-elitists] Open-sourcing a book

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Thu Mar 22 21:08:28 PST 2001

Rick Moen writes:

> begin  Seth David Schoen quotation:
> > It's happened -- take a look at a current electronics textbook!
> > 
> > Schneier's _Applied Cryptography_ and Horowitz and Hill's _Art of
> > Electronics_ both have rather severe disclaimers right near the
> > beginning.
> Well..., I believe those are both chock full of algorithms and circuit
> diagrams, respectively.  Making them about as close to selling software
> and electronics hardware (respectively) that you can come in a book.
> Neither is your run of the mill documentation or essays collection.

That's true; I have yet to see a disclaimer like that on something
that wasn't full of practical technical information.

It would be interesting to see a disclaimer on a novel some day.  I
hope that will be averted.

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