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Thu Mar 22 20:54:51 PST 2001

Part of taking responsibility for a work is taking responsibilty to
know your sources.

> begin  Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO quotation of Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 08:06:57PM -0500:
> > The source of information is every bit as important as the 
> > infomration itself.
> The purpose of Bastard Reverse Copyleft is to abandon responsibility
> for a work, by forcing redistributors to take responsibility for it
> themselves. To comply with BRCL, you must not only remove the original
> author's name, but assert authorship in every practical medium -- no
> fair taking my name off BRCL software and putting a note on your web
> site "that shitty program is really by Don Marti but the license won't
> let me attach his name to it."
> Note that nothing prevents you from applying your own BRCL once you
> claim credit.  This is good for the original author because it further
> muddles the origin of the work.
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