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Thu Mar 22 17:04:06 PST 2001

This is the kind of issue that librarian have to wonde about
all the time.

Let's say this not your peace, but someone elses medical reports.

Being wrong doesn't address the historical importance of a
document dealing with blood letting or PCP in the early
1980's.  One of the things electronic documents do is 
reduce the availablity of historical primary sources.

Indeed, 100 yers from now, as we look back on the Open Source
movement and it's impact on society and computing, how
Rick Moen's opinions changed over time can be very critical
to understanding how computer usage unfolder in the early
21st Century of the Common Era.

And I do NOT mean that toung in cheek - but dead seriously.


> begin  root quotation:
> > That you might change your mind doesn't reduce the value of
> > something you said - even after you changed your mind.
> > 
> > There is inherent value in:
> > Rick Moen Once Said --- This
> <shrug>  Authorial vanity:  I prefer that my gaffes not persist. 
> There are documents whose historical state and development are important.
> These two are more of the kind where only the current state matters.  In
> my view, anyway.
> Besides, the licensing still allows reproducing and displaying the
> entire page, remember.  Our hypothetical antiquarian could have a
> monthly gallery of snapshots going back to 1995, and I couldn't
> complain, only shudder at the prospect.
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