[linux-elitists] Open-sourcing a book

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 22 13:32:40 PST 2001

begin  kmself@ix.netcom.com quotation:

> Either portions of the GPL which don't make much sense (what's source
> code or operating system for a text?) or which the GPL doesn't
> address.

Certainly, there are things the GPL does not address.  One would pick
the GPL for documents if one approved of its terms.

As to "portions that don't make much sense"....  You didn't actually
bother to _read_ the Michael Stutz quotation I posted, did you?  Evem
though you quoted it back?

You may be just in need of a double espresso.  I sympathise.  (See .sig .)

> Hence the FSF's own efforts to create documentation licenses.

Yes, I continue to watch those with interest.  But the one they've
produced so far strikes me as appalling, for reasons cited.

Cheers,                                Before enlightenment, caffeine.
Rick Moen                              After enlightenment, caffeine.

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