[linux-elitists] [susette@blackwellsf.com: SEEKING LINUX USERS FOR DOCUMENTARY STYLE PHOTO SHOOT IN SF]

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Tue Mar 20 09:42:03 PST 2001

Don Marti wrote:
> As a fashion model for IBM, I am not just a piece of meat! I'd rather go
> naked than wear fur...oops, wrong slogan...I'd rather go naked than wear
> software patents! That three-point plan for Patent Reform again...

There's your agitprop photo shoot right there. Don, tastefully nude,
scrunched up on the floor in front of a terminal, hands and feet bound,
and a big piece of red tape over his mouth with "SOFTWARE PATENTS" in
big bold letters.

I can see the headlines now. "Programmers can't 'bare' software

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