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on Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 07:47:33AM -0800, Seth David Schoen (schoen@linuxcare.com) wrote:
> Tabinda N. Khan writes:
> > The producer is going to put Don (and maybe Seth
> > and Sam?) in touch with some people at IBM so they can give them clueful
> > advice on issues IBM can address in order to gain some credibility in the
> > community.
> Don's top three were software patents, software patents, and DRM
> initiatives.
> I forwarded Don the link to the LPF's old piece "Software Patents: An
> Industry at Risk" which has interesting bits from an IBM lawyer about
> how they mostly use software patents defensively, not to make money.
> And it quotes Greg Aharonian on the statistic that (as of 1992) IBM
> was far and away the largest holder of software patents.

Some background on this.

The LPF site is old.  However the software patent status is largely
unchanged, *despite* the fact that IBM set a target ~1997 or thereabouts
to generate US$1b/yr in patent revenues.  According to a friend at IBM,
this has been achieved or exceeded as of 1999/2000.  That's the bad

Good news:  software patents contribute negligibly to this total.  The
comment at the LPF's site should still be accurate.  IBM are cognizant
of SW patent issues WRT free software.  What they plan on doing about it
I don't know.

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