[linux-elitists] [susette@blackwellsf.com: SEEKING LINUX USERS FOR DOCUMENTARY STYLE PHOTO SHOOT IN SF]

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Mon Mar 19 12:17:00 PST 2001

Don Marti writes:

> begin  Mr. Bad quotation of Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 10:19:51AM -0800:
> > I dunno, the whole ad campaign seems like a nerd-for-hire
> > selloff. BUT, I am perfectly willing to grow a great big Unix beard,
> > wear birkenstocks and white socks, put on some Blackface and jive and
> > shuck for Mistuh Innuhlockituh if it means IBM would go in with both
> > feet on, say, patents, copy unprotection, and defense of fair use.
> Tabinda will make sure they don't bullshit me, by giving me a secret
> signal. She is completely bullshit-proof as far as I can tell.

Maybe you should just both memorize a one-time pad in advance so you can
have confidential non-secret communications right in front of any IBM

> No photos without patent negotiations!
> In order for them to use me in the ads, I'm going to want at least some
> kind of committment to talks on software patents and DRM. This should
> include scheduling a trip for at least me, Seth, and Tabinda (if they
> want to come) to meet with Real IBM Lawyers(tm) about the software
> patent issue.

I would be honored to come, but I think more important might be having
a Real Free Software Lawyer there to talk about the software patent

"Real Free Software Lawyer" is not a trademark of anybody I know of, or
they haven't bothered to register it:



Lessig, Samuelson, and Moglen come to mind.  How does Larry Lessig
feel about software patents?

If you want IBM to see that it actually has a genuinely mixed
reputation in the free software community, you can just tell them to
search for "IBM" on slashdot or something.  (On kuro5hin, that returns
a lot of unrelated articles.)

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