[linux-elitists] [susette@blackwellsf.com: SEEKING LINUX USERS FOR DOCUMENTARY STYLE PHOTO SHOOT IN SF]

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Mon Mar 19 12:12:45 PST 2001

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Don Marti wrote:

> begin  Mr. Bad quotation of Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 10:19:51AM -0800:
> > I dunno, the whole ad campaign seems like a nerd-for-hire
> > selloff. BUT, I am perfectly willing to grow a great big Unix beard,
> > wear birkenstocks and white socks, put on some Blackface and jive and
> > shuck for Mistuh Innuhlockituh if it means IBM would go in with both
> > feet on, say, patents, copy unprotection, and defense of fair use.
> Tabinda will make sure they don't bullshit me, by giving me a secret
> signal. She is completely bullshit-proof as far as I can tell.
> No photos without patent negotiations!
> In order for them to use me in the ads, I'm going to want at least some
> kind of committment to talks on software patents and DRM. This should
> include scheduling a trip for at least me, Seth, and Tabinda (if they
> want to come) to meet with Real IBM Lawyers(tm) about the software
> patent issue.
> So, if you get a call from them to show up for some photo shoot, please
> don't give them your face for nothing. They're looking for ways to
> spend money and get ink, and you can help them do that.
> --
> Don Marti              "I've never sent or received a GIF in my life."

Elron Hubbard:

"The only successful defense is wholly offensive!  Rain blue fire on the
courthouse roof!"

Let us attack first.  Make our own video, beards, blackface, all singing,
all dancing, and the argument against outlawing private ownership of
computers, which is what the 4C Entity and T13 are planning to do.

Sexpots should be used as straightforwardly and brutally as necessary.
Chris DiBona, May Ling Mak, Wendy Seltzer, The Monkey Master, Don Marti,
all the Heathers, all the Deirdres, all the Eri(c|k|q)s, Maddogs, all the
beautiful Seths, etc..  Avoid the odd pudeur of MTV videos, which have a
lot of booty shakin' but at such speeds as to entirely deprive the act of
natural sexual charge.


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