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Seth David Schoen schoen@linuxcare.com
Mon Mar 19 07:47:33 PST 2001

Tabinda N. Khan writes:

> The producer is going to put Don (and maybe Seth
> and Sam?) in touch with some people at IBM so they can give them clueful
> advice on issues IBM can address in order to gain some credibility in the
> community.

Don's top three were software patents, software patents, and DRM

I forwarded Don the link to the LPF's old piece "Software Patents: An
Industry at Risk" which has interesting bits from an IBM lawyer about
how they mostly use software patents defensively, not to make money.
And it quotes Greg Aharonian on the statistic that (as of 1992) IBM
was far and away the largest holder of software patents.

I suggested that the availability of specs for hardware is still an
issue, although IBM has been much better about this than some other
vendors.  Still, it's worth paying attention to, for example with a
policy (if none exists) to ensure that open source drivers for all of
IBM's mass-market hardware can be developed.

IBM can't have been happy when some of its ThinkPads were criticized
for having incomplete Linux support; they could avoid that risk in the
future with an appropriate policy.

First I thought that this campaign was just going to be about stirring
up interest in free software outside the Linux community; then it
turned out that IBM was interested in showing off its own commitment
to Linux, too.  Given that, Don is right to suggest that addressing
substantive issues of community concern is important.

Some IBM cheers for open standards committees (does T13 count?) could
be nice too.  For example, does IBM have recent work in the IETF that
it can showcase?  Can IBM explain to the public why technical work
done as open standards is a good thing?

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