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Dan York dyork@e-smith.com
Mon Mar 12 08:31:37 PST 2001

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 04:08:38PM -0500, jim@valinux.com wrote:
> How many people on this list can directly correlate their current 
> job to their bachelor's degree?

My bachelor's degree (B.A. in German) has really nothing to do with
my current employment (well, okay, I can speak and type in German
to friends at SuSE... :-)... BUT... it did make it vastly easier for
me to actually work in another country.  As a US citizen seeking to
work in Canada, I had to get a work authorization.  Under the North
American Free Trade Agreement, there are certain provisions that allow
workers that fall into 78 different employment categories to very 
easily get a work authorization.  Basically, you literally drive to
the border, present your job offer and supporting documentation, and
then wait about an hour as the immigration person tries to slot your
information into one of the 78 pigeonholes that get you a free ticket
into the country to work (for a year, at which point you renew).

Well, gee... one of the things that helps them with slotting you into
the right pigeonhole is whether or not you have a college degree.
This is one of the ways that you "demonstrate" that you have the
appropriate background to fit into one of those NAFTA categories.

You certainly *can* get a work authorization without one. But it's
a whole lot easier with one.  The immigration officer can just check
off a box on their form... and go on to looking at other info.

I'd also agree with Diedre and others, too, about the value of 
college.... I learned a whole lot there... not all of which (in 
fact very little of it) that directly applied to my studies.

My 2 cents, (Canadian)

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