[linux-elitists] Gisle Aas, local events

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Thu Mar 8 20:57:08 PST 2001

Gisle Aas is a sick, sick man. But sick in a good kind of way. Check out
this Python code.

import perl
get = perl.get_ref("LWP::Simple::get")

doc = get("http://www.python.org")
print doc

More info at:

Here are some interesting Bay Area events coming up (yes, this is all
based on the blue sheet I handed out at SVLUG last night.)

Saturday, March 10th, 10am: IBM spies will be be infiltrating the CABAL
installfest at the Cow Palace to find out what's on Linux users' minds.
Found out about this when I got a phone call from some big cheese New
York marketing consultant working for IBM trying to find out how to make
nice with Linux freaks. Naturally she got about a half hour of 

  "Copy restricted hard drives? And you think we'll like you because you
  build a damn penguin billboard? Are you mad?"

Anyway, go to CABAL and let the IBM people know you're not
just in it for the stable kernel...it's all about FREEDOM.

Doc somehow took seriously the fact that he got flamed on the Linux
Today comment board for his "If you're so Linux why do you use Flash"
thing about IBM on the LJ site. Doc isn't exactly the right person to
be doing any kind of more-Linux-than-thou boasting at all (the LJ site
_does_ still have GIFs on it), but the flamers missed the point -- Doc
understands corporate bullshit, having been in that business, and the
lack of value thereof, especially in this situation. Did I say go to
CABAL Saturday? Go to CABAL.

Dumbest thing Bruce Perens has said since the whole "ESR is going to
shoot me" thing (in which, I might add, he was apparently pushed over
the edge of panic by a firearms-related quotation in Eric's nifty
automatically rotating .sig.)

  "My philosophy about Open Source and proprietary products is that
  the two should share the market in harmony." 
  -- Bruce Perens, on linuxjournal.com

WTF? Jesus H. Christ on a license manager, has the man _used_
proprietary server software lately? (I noticed technocrat.net was all
Zope.) Proprietary server software stresses me out enough just talking
to people who have to use it. (And then $PROPRIETARY_PIECE_OF_SHIT
wouldn't let us...) Wouldn't _let_ you? As AC/DC once asked: Who made
who? Oh well, no point writing my "proprietary server software drives
sysadmins mad" rant again since it's already in the April issue of LJ,
which is mostly about...free server software. (hooray) But damn, saying
that there's any room for "harmony" with proprietary software, when
proprietary software offers anything but harmony in return, is an utter

Back to the list of interesting events.

Monday, March 19th, 7PM Pacific Time BayFF Panel Discussion:
"Infomediaries: Protectors of Your Personal Information
Online, or Evolutionary Dead Ends?" http://www.eff.org/bayff
What's an infomediary? I don't know...maybe Freenet qualifies.
Mr. Bad, did you mail Katina about getting on that panel?

Tuesday, March 20, 7pm: Rich Bodo.  Internet Developer Group.
Mountain View. http://www.inetdevgrp.org/  Enough said.  (Anyone ever
been to the Internet Developer Group?)

I'm going to Texas over the weekend. And I haven't even packed yet.

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