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on Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 04:08:38PM -0500, jim@valinux.com (jim@valinux.com) wrote:
> How many people on this list can directly correlate their current 
> job to their bachelor's degree?
> Just curious,

Current.  Hmmm, that might make an interesting datapoint.

The eclectic mix of physics, environmental studies, urban geography and
economics, stats, programming, history, and literature which was the
subject or object of pursuit in college has definitely enriched my
experience, work and otherwise.

I have to disagree, strongly, with Don's advice.  I tend to resonate
more with Deirdre's:  college teaches a certain amount of disciplines
(or spends several years trying).  How much of that sticks is really up
to you, as is whether and/or how much you chose to apply it.  Graduating
may or may not matter (I'd tend to suggest sticking through and getting
your paper, particularly if you're close), but _experiencing_ it
certainly does.

I would say that I've benefitted more from indirect, serendipitous, and
self-motivated pursuits in college than most of my formal coursework,
though even parts of that have proven themselves valuable.  Frequently
in no relation to my interest, aptitude, or grade (another three
uncorrelated metrics themselves) in the material at the time.

Go to college.  But don't take it too seriously.  Twain had something to
say on the topic as well.  Your assignment is to find it.  I'd suggest a
comprehensive reading of some of his less familiar works, largely
because that's not where you'll find it, but you will discover a few
other things about the damned human race.  In fact, Twain's said several
things about this, some contradictory.  But he's also made a comment or
two on truth and fiction, which Heather may be familiar with.

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