[linux-elitists] /usr/games/fortune is evil

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Thu Mar 8 02:31:08 PST 2001

> We once had a similar, yet not so dramatic case. 
> At our university one of the servers was cracked. Man, it must be years
> back!!! 1996, 97 or so.
> The still unknown cracker problably created an account named
> "Simon" (don't know exactly, now official information). What the
> administrators did was grepping through all students directories for the
> string "Simon". One student had a webpage containing
>       SIMON SAYS: You are the perfect killer.
> Believe me, he was in deep trouble.

Take 2 giant steps backward, Simian says.  Goons.

> Another one was sent to the police for suspected cracking of an other
> machine (in 1996 when cracking was still something for real men). It
> turned out that the policemen did not know anything and they very friendly
> and interested in learning about "ls", "ls -l", "vi" and so on. He has
> not succeeded in converting them to Linux users, which was probably too
> early by then.
No faith.  I was teaching fellow tech support reps about Linux - on the 
company dime, using my laptop - in 1995.  1993 was late enough for distros.
> Time to file a bug on stupid attitudes, incompetent admins, overanxious
> people and so on.

Question is who's looking at the bugbase?  Sigh.

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