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Wed Mar 7 22:35:36 PST 2001

Was this part of a conversation we were having?

Or is this like ... random thoughts....

On 2001.03.07 20:56:20 -0500 Deirdre Saoirse wrote:
> Don't let a bunch of anus-breathing Microsoft users anywhere near DBA
> privileges. Not only do they show off their little proprietary "tools,"
> they will do stupid things like design database tables with many-to-one
> relationships in a field so you have to fucking write actual fucking code
> (and maintain it) because they didn't actually know how to use Oracle. Or
> *any* database for that matter. Fucking Access users. They should be
> confined to paper for eternity.
> Oh, let's not forget the delays in clarifying the apparent dissonance
> between the schema and the feature set -- until the day before the
> project
> is supposed to get tested. Bah, or, as the saying goes in Police Academy,
> "Sleep is for Fags!"
> Don't ask me how I know about this pain, but feel the pain of the
> formerly-recovering DBA.
> I think I shall go code in TCL. And you only thought I was hurting
> before....
> (any perception that this reflects comments on any company must be a
> figment of your imagination)
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