[linux-elitists] While we're on the subject of bugs

Deirdre Saoirse deirdre@deirdre.net
Wed Mar 7 17:56:20 PST 2001

Don't let a bunch of anus-breathing Microsoft users anywhere near DBA
privileges. Not only do they show off their little proprietary "tools,"
they will do stupid things like design database tables with many-to-one
relationships in a field so you have to fucking write actual fucking code
(and maintain it) because they didn't actually know how to use Oracle. Or
*any* database for that matter. Fucking Access users. They should be
confined to paper for eternity.

Oh, let's not forget the delays in clarifying the apparent dissonance
between the schema and the feature set -- until the day before the project
is supposed to get tested. Bah, or, as the saying goes in Police Academy,
"Sleep is for Fags!"

Don't ask me how I know about this pain, but feel the pain of the
formerly-recovering DBA.

I think I shall go code in TCL. And you only thought I was hurting

(any perception that this reflects comments on any company must be a
figment of your imagination)

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