[linux-elitists] /usr/games/fortune is evil

Aaron Lehmann aaronl@vitelus.com
Wed Mar 7 17:27:30 PST 2001

Thanks to fortune, my friend has a police record.

Today was a rough day. I'm on the verge of expulsion. I won't talk
about that much becuase I know my school administrators will find this
post, print it out, and stick it in their file.

Those same administrators happened to come across a fellow student's
website. The time they hit the site, the random 'fortune' quote it
spit out was the following:

I put the shotgun in an Adidas bag and padded it out with four pairs of tennis
socks, not my style at all, but that was what I was aiming for:  If they think
you're crude, go technical; if they think you're technical, go crude.  I'm a
very technical boy.  So I decided to get as crude as possible.  These days,
though, you have to be pretty technical before you can even aspire to crudeness.
- Johnny Mnemonic, by William Gibson

They printed it out. But not all of it. Only the first page, which
contained only the first line of this quote. Then they read that first
line, thought it was the complete statement, freaked out, and called
the cops thinking it was a columbine threat. It wasn't pretty. I
needed to track down a computer science teacher to prove to them that
fortune was not an instrument of mass destruction. The kid "...fit the
typical profile perfectly." Euuagh.

Now that poor kid has a juvenile police record and is also in major

Time to file a bug on /usr/games/fortune?
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