[linux-elitists] p2p, MLP, SMTP, and MP3 for You and Me

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Mar 6 19:33:18 PST 2001

begin  R P Herrold quotation:
> On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:
>> I'll byte - who is Vidkun Quisling?
> Danger, Will Robinson -- Godwin's law in sight ...

Ja, but I have special dispensation as a Norwegian-American whose
father's town was fire-bombed on account of a Luftwaffe spelling error.

Ruben, Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian former army major and former
Minister of Defence, who founded the small "National Union" (Nasjonal
Samling) fascist party.  He attempted to declare himself head of
government, immediately following the 1940 invasion (which he had
assisted via a spy network), but was quickly removed because of his
extreme unpopularity.  After a rise in resistance activity, in February
1942, the puppet government was reconstituted, with Quisling as
"Minister President", but still was (reportedly) mostly ignored by the
populace.  He was convicted of treason in 1945, and shot by firing squad
-- proclaiming himself a patriot to the last.

The common noun "quisling" entered the English language during that
period as a synonym for traitor.  There are happier borrowings,
such as "aye", "happen", hurrah", "nay", "sirrah", "ship", "shoe", 
and of course any number of terms in geology.  More at:

(Scandihoovian-American Harold Stassen, former Minnesota governor whose 
insistence that he'd make it to the Presidency _this_ time kept him 
going to age 93, finally kicked the bucket, by the way.  One of the
good guys; he kept trying to get Nixon kicked off the ticket, and
finally blew his career in 1956 by trying to show leadership over atomic
weapons control.  I'll drink a glass in his honour, this evening.)

Cheers,                                     The Viking's Reminder:
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