[linux-elitists] ICANN frenzy!

Heather star@starshine.org
Mon Mar 5 20:17:07 PST 2001

> On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 04:20:03PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> >>>> (I know I don't want to get non-profit status to keep _my_ .org...)
> >>> Well, according to somebody I just talked to at ICANN, there is no
> >>> plan at all to take away .org domains from unincorporated non-profit
> >>> organizations. 
> >>> "Move along, people, nothing to see here."
> > unincorporated non profit organizations?  If they're not incorporated how
> > can the stormtroopers tell dipsquat about it (without invading privacy)?
> Not my words, but see below.
> >> I think it might be a good idea for ICANN to prevent commercial, for-profit
> >> entities from registering .org domains in the future (and perhaps evicting
> >> them from .org domains over a 5 year period, for instance). 
> > Which pigeonhole do you delude yourself into thinking I fit in?
> Well, are you a commercial, for-profit entity (other than in the way that
> everyone who holds a job to support him/herself is)? No? Well, then.
That's a very good question.  Starshine Technical Services is a "doing business
as" alias (DBA) in the city of Campbell, CA ... my schedule C small business.
But it's also the home site for all my non-profit work, volunteer work, and
personal oddments (though fairly few of that fail to interlace somehow).

> It should be pretty easy to determine that someone is *not* a commercial,
> for-profit entity, without any privacy invasion. I believe even the US, with
> it's morbid fear of registration, has a registry of corporations and
> companies. After all, going into this register is a part of the process of
> incorporation.

I'm not incorporated as any flavor - "commercial" nor "nonprofit" nor even

> If you're not in this register, you're free to register a .org. Or maybe some
> other, new gTLD. The point is, it would be good to have a gTLD where
> companies were specifically prevented from registering domains.
As I read it they hope to change things so that you have to be Blessed By The
State As A Non-Profit in order to get and keep a .org domain.  My suggestion
was that they stop screwing with a part that works, and if they want to spin
up a "moderated" TLD use .non and all the nonprofits can fight their little
trademark/moniker battles over there.

International ones like UNICEF or others probably should become .int anyway
but I also don't see nonprofits leaping to change their current domain names.
> >> It would
> >> definitely enlarge the namespace. A policy saying .org domains can't infringe
> >> your trademark because it's a non-profit would also help a lot.
> > I prefer to hold to the point that trademark defenses are rather different
> > than internet space, and if someone is deliberately fomenting confusion 
> > (attacking your trademark directly - Zero Micro Software would have skated 
> > right over that line if they were selling copies of Windows OEM kits - 
> > otherwise they *should* have been protected as parody, a recognized art form
> > but oh well) rather than bumping into the name and using it for other things 
> > in other contexts (Starshine Tub And Tile?  Nope, that's not me.  I couldn't 
> > find em in a search engine either.  They probably don't even *have* a website)
> You didn't complete this sentence (got lost in the parentheses?). 

Nope, the parens are sealed properly :P   Maybe lost a dot, though.

> If someone
> is deliberatly fomenting confusion, rather than bumping into the name and
> using it for other things in other contexts, then what?

My point is that "fomenting confusion" ... if they have trademarks ... 
already has its courts to go to and ... this is important: DNS should not
be one of them!  

Their point on this matter didn't address trademarks.  My opinion there is
that there should be a .tmark TLD and the level below that should be the
categories the legal system applies to trademarks.  So an example:


...although the famous company probably would just sits a redirect on this 
to their .com.  The social belief that DNS is a one-level search engine for
dummies is a different bug, which I don't see ICANN having any power over.

The efforts to split the .org and other TLDs away from the slimy clutches
of Verisign nee' NSI, are full of all sorts of annoying stuff, and I only
just opened the engine cover.  I expect to need some heavy duty cleanser
by the time we finish changing out the engine.  We have needed something
like ICANN to deal with the grease so far but we need to be careful to
keep ICANN itself from gumming up everything to a worse state than it all 

Can't clean up anything without making a mess.

* Heather * Wad some power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as others see us.
                -- R. Browning

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