[linux-elitists] ICANN frenzy!

Joakim Ziegler joakim@ximian.com
Mon Mar 5 14:06:43 PST 2001

So I'm so not used to seeing Mr. Bad outside of crackdog that I mistakenly
sent this reply to that list instead of this one. Apologies.

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 12:52:36PM -0800, Mr.Bad wrote:
> >>>>> "JZ" == Joakim Ziegler <joakim@ximian.com> writes:

>> I think it might be a good idea for ICANN to prevent
>> commercial, for-profit entities from registering .org domains
>> in the future (and perhaps evicting them from .org domains
>> over a 5 year period, for instance).

> Justify that.

Keeping commercial entities out: They already have the .com. Keeping them out
would enlarge the namespace, as per below.

Evicting commercial entities after a grace period: More difficult to defend,
but most commerical entities' .org domains are duplicates of their .com
domain, and thus they don't really need it. Namespace enlargement again.

>     JZ> It would definitely enlarge the namespace.

> It would ENLARGE the NAMESPACE?! How so, Kemosabe?

Well, right now, people who register domains for a company or whatever just
register it in both .com, .net and .org. If they didn't, the namespace would
be three times as large. Network Solutions and other registrars actually
encourage people to register in all three gTLDs right now.

So it wouldn't enlarge the namespace, but it would enlarge the available
namespace. Every "name" could be owned by a commercial entity, an ISP, and a
non-commercial entity, instead of being owned by (usually) a large corporation.

>> A policy saying .org domains can't infringe your trademark
>> because it's a non-profit would also help a lot.

> Hey, I'll back that. "We will not buckle under like spineless cowards
> to every IP lawyer with a trademark issue."

Even better, I seem to remember the agreement you "sign" when you register a
domain says that the agreement can change with a certain notice time, and you
agree to abide by the new one. Hence, if the contract said you couldn't sue
people for having the same domain, but in .org, when you register a .com,
that would fix a lot of these silly problems.

>> But I'm probably hoping for too much.

> What kind of elitist are you, man?

A cynical, pessimistic one, usually.

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