[linux-elitists] ICANN frenzy!

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Mon Mar 5 12:46:41 PST 2001

>>>>> "DM" == Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> writes:

    DM> DNS is a consensus reality, but some people's consensus
    DM> reality is more fucked up than others. I know that some of you
    DM> on this list are ICANN members, and some (all?) of you have
    DM> .org domains. What do you all think about this?  If it's ok to
    DM> quote you in LJ please let me know.

    DM> (I know I don't want to get non-profit status to keep _my_
    DM> .org...)

Let's just get down to brass tacks here. The gray beards in ICANN seem
to think that the best thing that could happen to the Internet would
be to take everything back to 1988, with domain registrations in the
low hundreds and strict guidelines for every TLD.

Really, in the end, what would be the benefit of having .org mean,
unequivocally, that the owner is a registered non-profit?
Nothing. There's no benefit to users, really -- what level of faith is
anyone willing to put in a TLD anymore? Is there some kind of rampant
charity-faking fraud going on, involving .org domain owners? Has
someone been confused, hurt and scared because they accidentally sent
a $10,000 check to slashdot.org and couldn't get a tax deduction for

There's no benefit for the domain owners -- what good does it do
Children's Hospital or Rain Forest Action Network to make sure all
other .org's are, in fact, registered non-profits? Do any of them
really care?

At best there's maybe some vague sense that all is right with the
world in the hearts of a few crusty old red-suspenders-wearers in the
ICANN. At the cost of stripping hundreds of thousands of .org owners
of their registered domains, the warhorses on the board get to feel
like they've corrected some minor wrong.

In doing this, ICANN is digging its own grave. They need to realize
that, in fact, the Internet does not need them. Frankly, their
authority is on shaky ground to begin with, and this isn't going to
help. THEY need to keep up with US -- not the other way around. If
they keep up this kind of heavy-handed, dumbcluck activity, the
Internet is going to route around them. Already, there's AnarchyNIC
for peer registry of TLDs, and FNS (Freenet Name Service), for going
around the DNS system entirely.

How much longer is it going to be before we see the peasants storming
the castle for IPv6 addresses, divvying them up in some reasonable
fashion, and making ICANN completely obsolete? Sooner than those
geezers think, that's for sure.

It's fine to quote me as Evan Prodromou of Pigdog Journal and

~Mr. Bad

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