[linux-elitists] rsync for backup

Heather star@starshine.org
Thu Mar 1 16:52:07 PST 2001

> begin  Don Marti Uses GIFs on the Sly quotation:
> > I'm using rsync to back up my stuff but the script I have is not
> > exactly a thing of beauty. Does anyone have an rsync backup script
> > that you run from cron and that you're willing to share?

One of the Answer Gang threads in this month's LG is about someone using
dd to backup their notebook.  Maybe it will help, maybe not.

> Given the press of time, I fell back onto rsh, to complete the backup.

Once you step onto the path of the Dark Side, forever will it haunt your
destiny :>

> Some list members may find this VA Linux knowledgebase article handy, 
> for casual backups:
> http://wwwsc13.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/varesearch/solution?11=010228-0000&130=0983415877&14=&2715=&15=&2716=&57=search&58=&2900=kosYU0LgBW&25=6&3=rsync

* Heather * The makers may make / and the users may use,
            but the fixers must fix / with but minimal clues

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