[linux-elitists] Seen on K5, re shared source and GPL attack

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Jun 29 16:48:53 PDT 2001

> On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Aaron Sherman wrote:
> > Actually, I have to assume that from close-up, an event horizon is
> > quite a bit brighter than a kettle, due to Hawking radiation.
> Hawking is supposed (no one has so far been able to directly detect the
> Hawking radiation, only the accretion disk signature, but that very close
> to the horizont) to be blackbody. The temperature of the blackbody
> radiator depends on event horizont surface. The smaller the hole, the
> hotter and the bluer. A very small hole can outshine a nuke, and it will
> be mostly hard gamma. A very large hole will be colder than the microwave
> background, and thus will be definitely much blacker than a kettle.

So it depends on the size of the item, and I think we can agree that Micro
Squish (aka The Borg) is trying to be pretty darned big.  Therefore the
statement "calling the kettle black" stands ;)

> > Any astrophysicists out there who can tell me if Hawking radiation
> > comes in all 57 flavors, or is it not in the visible range?
> Actually, there are people who say that if you drop an object into a hole,
> the radiation emitted when the object passes the event horizon must
> encode the information contained in that object.

Rather like doublespace succeeded in encoding Stac's major algorithm, and
the Defragmenter is still recognizably "Speeddisk".

> > Um... or would that be off-topic? I meant GNU/Hawking radiation, of
> > course! ;-)

Hmm, anybody want to suggest the best space games for Linux? (to play solo) 
I really like spacewar, but that needs another player to be best...  

* Heather * Black bodies give off radiation
		And ought to continuously...
			Black bodies give off radiation
				But do it by Planck's theory.

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