[linux-elitists] PHB's need Free Software desk calendars

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Fri Jun 29 15:11:37 PDT 2001


So, I'm looking at a recent O'Reilly calendar, and with a co-conspirator,
come up with the notion that every PHB needs a Free Software desk calendar.
Why? Better than daily tidbits of advice from Pamela Anderson, and certainly
a lot more useful than Reader's Digest.

So, we decided that it would be no good just doing that, and to truly make
an impact, we would have to over-engineer a solution using the Power Of The
Interweb and P2P. Or something.

Basically, we're up for doing a "Jargon File" for dates in Free Software /
Unixy / Sciencey history. Accessible via finger, ical, web, gopher, yada.

So, the first sources we thought of were the incredibly cool LWN history
pages; if anyone else on the list has tips for good sources, we'd be very
interested to hear about them.

[ It will go live when there is at least one event for every day of the
year, and we'll then be asking for submissions, hints, etc. for more. Thus
the, ah, P2P bit. ]

- Jeff

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