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Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Fri Jun 29 10:38:52 PDT 2001

    DM> If you can learn big words like "deprecated" you can learn
    DM> HTTP redirects.  Lamer.

If he'd redirected and let you know he was doing it, would you still
have minded? 

    DM> In the "medium-good news for free software users in corporate
    DM> environments" department, though, I ran into someone from
    DM> Check Point Software at USENIX, and he told me about this
    DM> document about getting onto Check Point's proprietary IPSEC
    DM> VPN with FreeS/WAN: [link kept below]

This was linked from the FreeS/WAN page when I used it.  FreeS/WAN
will work with checkpoint if you can get the other side to follow
this document and not monkey with it afterwards.  The only snag I ran
into and couldn't quite pin down was the tunnel becoming
non-functional periodically (6-8 hrs. as reported by the users 
Retstarting the ipsec subsystem would fix that.  YMMV but this is what
I experienced in mid-2000 with Win PC's talking to an AS400 tunneled 
through a linux 2.2.x/FreeS-WAN-Checkpoint FW-1 link over the public 

    DM> http://support.checkpoint.com/kb/docs/public/firewall1/4_1/pdf/fw-linuxvpn.pdf



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