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If you can learn big words like "deprecated" you can learn HTTP
redirects.  Lamer.

In the "medium-good news for free software users in corporate
environments" department, though, I ran into someone from Check
Point Software at USENIX, and he told me about this document about
getting onto Check Point's proprietary IPSEC VPN with FreeS/WAN:


So that's one proprietary VPN that you can configure to let you
in without having to put proprietary software on your client --
if you get cooperation from the VPN administrator.

Yes, I know you can set up a VPN with free software on both ends,
but at least in this case a proprietary VPN sale to your employer
doesn't have to be the end to your remote access.

Cisco offers a proprietary binary-only kernel module for Linux,
but I don't know if you can connect to their VPN with all free

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